Bargain Hunting for God's Grace

I saw an interesting story in the Toronto Star today.  A retired trucker Teri Horton bought a painting at a garage sale for $5 in 1991 and some experts now believe it is an original work of abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock.  The painting could be worth more than $100 million! Don't we all love these kinds of stories.  … Continue reading Bargain Hunting for God's Grace

Will Your Anchor Hold?

The Canadian Coast Guard requires that all Pleasure Craft between 6m and 8m in length (19 ft- 24 ft) must have: one life jacket per occupant one lifebuoy with a 15m rope one bailing bucket or manual water pump fire extinguisher watertight flashlight sound signalling device navigational lights and either a manual populsion device (oar, … Continue reading Will Your Anchor Hold?