Adding Silence to your Prayer Life

I remember a summer camp skit I saw years ago where a family was gathered watching TV and one kid got up and said, "I'm heading off to pray, anybody need anything?" I think we all appreciate that prayer is not just the practice of asking God for stuff.  Prayer is about expressing concerns and … Continue reading Adding Silence to your Prayer Life

Is Steve Jobs a Great Guy or Not?

This month's WIRED magazine features an article written by Ben Austen on former Apple CEO Steve Jobs that perfectly illustrates Western culture's completely schizophrenic attitude toward morality. Is Steve Jobs a great guy or not? Well that depends on your point of view. The article brings up a bunch of stories from Job's biography written … Continue reading Is Steve Jobs a Great Guy or Not?

A Resolution

As I considered resolutions for 2010 ( I may still make some... really!) I heard an interesting fact on the radio: most people put more planning into a one week vacation than they do into the entire year. No references were given for this statistic but I am sure it is true. If you have … Continue reading A Resolution