Errors in the Bible?

Evangelical Christians believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God but it is a tricky thing to define, being 'inerrant'. On the one side you can stand and say that the Bible is without fault. It has no mistakes and is as perfect as God is. If you take this position you will … Continue reading Errors in the Bible?


What's a Blind Man to Do?

Bill Cosby has a funny story about when you say something stupid and before you're done saying it you know it's stupid but you keep on saying it anyway. He was doing a show in Las Vegas with Ray Charles and Ray invited him over to talk one night so Bill shows up at the … Continue reading What's a Blind Man to Do?

Have Another Donut You Fat Cow!

In Adult class today we read from Amos chapter 4. To make sense of this post you really should read it first. How about that Amos! Talk about a guy who calls 'em like he sees 'em.  First he calls the women of Israel 'Cows of Bashan' a breed of cow notorious for being fat. … Continue reading Have Another Donut You Fat Cow!


A Church of Hands and Hearts Not Brick and Mortar

I had a chance to have lunch with some minister friends this week and the conversation turned to congregational life: what's up, what's good, what's bad. One of us is struggling with what to do when you've got 31 different languages spoken at your church. People who are living here in Canada but their heart, … Continue reading A Church of Hands and Hearts Not Brick and Mortar