A Guy With A Soft Spot for Ducks

I heard this week of a guy named Joel in Spokane who was looking out his window at the downtown Sterling Bank.  He had watched a duck,  two weeks before build a nest in the awning of the bank 10 feet above the sidewalk and later lay 9 eggs.  Two weeks later the eggs all hatched and, just like ducks always do, the mom flew down out of the nest to the sidewalk below and encouraged her ducklings to jump down.  Joel saw one jump and ‘splat’ hit the sidewalk.  He couldn’t stand to watch the rest of them do that so he ran outside and started shagging ducks, one after the other.

Once they were all down he escorted them across the road to the Spokane river.  That was one year ago.  A couple of weeks ago the duck came back and laid 12 eggs.  Joel was there again on Tuesday this week to catch them and escort them to the water. (looks like you’ve got yourself a job now buddy.)

What would make a grown man leave his office to catch ducks?  I think it is because, no matter who you are, we are all image bearers of the one who made us.  God loves and God delivers.  God saves and deep down we can’t seem to help wanting to do that to.  Many of us have hidden this tendency, at least when it comes to people but cute stories like this remind us that we have these urges to make things better for some one or something else that find their origin in the creator.

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