Worship Rant~!

rantArrrgh!  I gotta get this off my chest.

There are 260 chapters in the whole New Testament and guess how many have to do with instructions or discussion of orderly worship practices?

Parts of two.

Why is it that there is so much ink spilled about worship and church organization when the New Testament spends so little time talking about it? A sermon I was listening to this week calls the New Testament a Missionary Handbook and we ignore that when we fuss over worship issues.

I’m just sayin.


2 thoughts on “Worship Rant~!

  1. Noel-glad I found your blog! As I’m sure you’ve recognized its so totally about the way you treat the Bible whether this is truly an “issue” or not. If its a rule book, line me up with the Pharisees. If its about a relationship with Him, is my heart seeking after Him, and is my worship pleasing, in any format? I have tripped over “getting it right” for so many years I missed the heart of the message. Thankfully thats not the case anymore.


  2. In worship we preach the gospel to each other, in whatever form necessary. We sing, act out, say, pray to each other that Jesus Christ, on His own initiative died to absorb the wrath of God for my sake and through his name I can be saved.


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