Keep Dreaming Chewie


Me and the boys went to see the “Star Wars Identity” exhibit at the Aeronautics and Space Museum in Ottawa last week.  It was 2 1/2 hours of awesomeness.  We had a blast.  Julie was a trooper (not a storm trooper but she was willing to play along).  There were lots of practical life lessons that could be gleaned from the experience but here is one that has stayed close to the top of the pile as I have reflected it:

Sometimes the best idea you can have is to let your first idea go.

When doing story boards and conceptual work for the very first Star Wars Movie (Episode IV) George Lucas had some very different ideas about what Chewbacca would look like. He was first a human with a dog head, inspired by Lucas’s favourite dog as a kid.


Next Chewbacca was a creepy goblin guy, yes that’s Han Solo beside him in the tighty whiteys and the cape.


Finally one of his artists was doodling and came up with this:

So there you go. Don’t stop thinking after your first idea. Keep dreaming and fill up a world of possibilities.  You can cull the herd later. Think of all the things that we could have been spared  if the creative geniuses had kept their thinking caps on. Like maybe Jar Jar Binks?


P.S. Wookies deserve medals too.


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