A Resolution

Eating Snowflakes by Roger MulliganAs I considered resolutions for 2010 ( I may still make some… really!) I heard an interesting fact on the radio: most people put more planning into a one week vacation than they do into the entire year. No references were given for this statistic but I am sure it is true. If you have made a trip somewhere you have no doubt planned all the good things there were to do there and considered how many of them would fit into the time you had available. How about the other 51 weeks of the year? While I do believe that it is possible to overdo the resolution thing, one good aspect of it is how it does focus on the profitable action of planning; If you fail to plan you plan to fail right?

Oprah once observed (in one of her more astute moments) that many people live their lives unconsciously. They just do what they do without considering what they are doing or how they are doing.

    Do we live our life unconsciously?
    Do we make a snap decision, then act without thinking of the consequences…
    “Stuff” happens…
    Do we step in the consequences, and sink in up to our armpits.
    Do we whine and complain about how unfair the universe is, has been, and will continue to be.
    Then do we conclude, what could possibly be our motivation for making changes?

Resolve to live 2010 differently.

Imagine that you have been given a working 52 week holiday. Consider all the good things there are to do where you are and consider how many of them you can fit into the time you have available. If a year is too much then take January and consider what good you can accomplish for God in this one month. Is there anyone who you can serve or bless in one month. Sure there is!

Don’t worry about how this good deed will fit into your church’s ministry structure, or benevolence program; just find something good to do and do it.

Above all, pray about it. Pray every resolution you have made, big or small. If you have resolved to cast off an addiction this year, Praise God! Pray about it. If you have resolved to drop 10 lbs, then bring that resolution before the Lord too. Don’t be worried about it being too small for Him to worry about. Who do you think you are anyway?!? Everything you pray about is small to God!

This is the day the LORD has made;
let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalms 118: 24

In this new year resolve to live life on purpose for Him.

Midnight Star over the Woodpile by Roger Mulligan

May your 2010 be blessed by God.

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