Chasing Symptoms

Britain Pint Glass

Announced this week: They’ve invented a new pint glass that is shatter proof. This made me think, “that’s good news I suppose, but why is this worthy of p. 2 in the newspaper?” I continued reading only to learn that this glass was developed by the British government in an effort to save health care costs. HUH??

It turns out that bar fights in Britian are so common, that stab wounds caused by shattered beer glasses cause 87 000 injuries and dozens of deaths each year! It works out to an average of 240 hospital visits every night! When totalled with court and police costs they figure it costs the British Government $170 million dollars each year.

I don’t know where to start with this one! Is it possible there is an issue with unhealthy alcohol consumption that should be dealt with first? Are we to assume that now that the glasses can’t shatter the drunks involved in these altercations are going to “bear the offense more nobly” rather than find something else to stick their mates with?

Perhaps we are going after the symptom and not the problem here.

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